The Caidan College of Scribes, overseen by the Scribe Armariusis responsible for producing the beautiful scrolls that are presented to Caidan award recipients, and for fostering learning in the fields of Calligraphy and Illumination.Lady Francis of Dragonsforge formed the College of Scribes for the purpose of getting warrants, promissory notes & fully scrolls done with dispatch & DONE WELL.

The College received a Royal Recognition of Excellence* for service to the kingdom from Conrad II and A’isha 06/07/2014.

Decades ago, everyone who got an award in Caid automatically went on the scroll assignment list and (eventually) received a hand-painted scroll, until such time as the number of award recipients far exceeded the ability of the scribes to keep up with it. It is now the custom in Caid to contact the Scribe Armarius if you would like to receive a scroll and/or would like to do a scroll for a particular person. There are exceptions to this, in the case of peerage awards for which scrolls are often done in advance to be given at the time of the elevation. Please note that for all scrolls the recipient’s name must be passed by the College of Arms and for most scrolls arms must be passed as well. 

Even if you’ve never done calligraphy and/or illumination, you are encouraged to take advantage of Collegium classes and various workshops offered throughout the Kingdom (aka “Scriptorium”) an SCA-wide activity.

The Award Certificates given at court used to be called “promissories” because they were considered to be placeholder documents for a more elaborate scroll. For some time, these Award Certificates were colored in by hand, but it was determined that the effort expended on that would be far better spent on a formal scroll.

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