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Caid Scribes - Unclaimed Scrolls

Great effort and artistry goes into every hand-made award scroll and yet each year some of these masterful pieces go unclaimed while others await the availability of a scribal artist to volunteer to create it.  The following scrolls are finished and ready to be picked up, but remain unclaimed.  If you see your name here, please contact the Scribe Amarius to arrange pick-up of your scroll.

Duelist - Erich von Suchenwirth zum Schwarzenkatze

Crescent Sword - Thorin voror O Seaghdha - awarded 27-Jan-06

Crescent - Matheus Reyner - awarded 10-Oct-04

Dolphin - Guillaume du Buissan - awarded 2-Nov-02

Crescent - Jared Alexander Blaydeaux - awarded 7-Jul-01

AoA - Wilhelm Krieger von den Blaurosen - awarded 19-Nov-88

AoA - Colwyn Stagghorn - awarded 12-Jul-03

Countess - Luciana Maria Novella di Carlo - awarded 12-June-99

Laurel - Annora ferch ufyd Brfheirkin - Awarded 31-Aug-02

AoA - Berengere Marguerite Madeline d'Acre - awarded 14-Jan-95

Harp - Tatitana McPherson - awarded 31-Dec-03

Count - Cristian de Leon Rampante - awarded 4-Jun-94

AoA - Isabeau Eaglestone of Glinwood

Pelican - Laertes McBride - awarded 31-May-03

Harp - Jens Inn Draumspaki - awarded 9-Oct-04

Harp - Bjorn Atte Woodepyle - awarded 11-Nov-00

AoA - Dierdre Roswythe Dunwyn - awarded 22-Nov-86

AoA - Catalina oro Sol - awarded 8-Jun-02

AoA - Juliana Angelique d'Avelaine - awarded 11-May-02

Harp - Catherine Ainsdale of Lancashire - awarded 15-Mar-09

Crescent - Morin Muir - awarded 11-Nov-06